Because we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about our upcoming release of THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, I thought I’d take a little time and write something up about the release and let you all know exactly what it is.  Basically, our release of THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD is the very FIRST version of the film.  The version that was originally made, before it was submitted to the US distributor.  This version is actually entitled DEATH DORM and contains footage that no one has seen in thirty years (including the two directors)!

We all know that, when DORM was released in the US, it was rated “R” by the MPAA.  When it was released in the UK, it was cut further.  Our release of DORM contains sequences (including two extended kills) that were removed from both of these versions, as well as some additional seconds here and there and other scenes.

What did we use?  Well, we originally got an old 1″ analog master from director Jeffrey Obrow and immediately vetoed using it (for obvious reasons).  While going through storage, Jeffrey found what he thought was a 35mm print, so he shipped it to us to have a look.  What we discovered was that this was no ordinary print… this was the first original answer print of the film, with all the scenes and original DEATH DORM title card intact!  This was totally exciting to us, of course but there was one problem… the answer print had absolutely no usable dialogue/audio track on it and the only audio available was the original 35mm magnetic audio tracks that matched the cut “R” version.

So, here’s what we had to do… We transferred the answer print in 1080p high definition, spending about six months in computer digital cleanup.  The print was EXTREMELY rough and in terrible shape, by the way, but I’ve shown it to some people and they can’t believe how good it looks now compared to any other version out there.  We were able to sync the extremely clean and crisp magnetic audio to the film, but we had to re-mix and re-score sequences that there was no audio for.  In this uncut version, there were extended scenes, kill sequences, etc. that were trimmed for gore or pacing and these things were all back in the film.  Heading into an audio studio, myself and my trusty audio engineer Spencer Hall (have to give this fellow some props) worked over the course of three days to “fill in” the extra bits with sound effects and music, adding a knock here or a footstep there (or in the case of the drill kill… a few bone crunches and splatter noises).  There is one small sequence that’s only a few seconds in length that looks like it may have had voice audio.  Obviously, we didn’t have that anymore, so we were able to turn the brief shot into more of a transitional piece, moving time from one point to the next with a bit of music…  you can see this shot right after the killer destroys the table with the bat.  In our version, after this scene, there are a few seconds of the college kids sitting at a table before the cop walks in.  In the version originally released, this shot was never there.  We COULD’VE removed it, but I really just wanted to keep it in, since it represented the original cut of the film approved by both directors.

A lot of blood, sweat and (maybe a few) tears went into this new release of THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD.  Now, the other question you all asked… Why has it been delayed?  That’s an easy one to answer… we just wanted it to be right.  During the creation of the Blu and DVD, we were plagued with a few delays in getting the menus created in a timely fashion, a few navigation bugs and menu text corrections that needed to be fixed.  Then, after we fixed all those things, we discovered a zero-hour issue with the transfer where a particular shot in the film was mis-colored.  We had to pull the master, fix the shot and re-encode the film to fit that shot back in correctly.  By the time it was fixed, it was too late to get it out on the original release date, so we had to change the date so it wouldn’t compete with our release of EMBODIMENT OF EVIL.  We didn’t want two of our higher profile titles coming out and competing with each other, so we moved DORM to April 26th.

That being said, both EMBODIMENT and DORM are completed.  EMBODIMENT is available right now for immediate shipping from our webstore (or you can wait and get it on release day from any other online video dealer like AMAZON).  DORM should be available from our website in about a week or so, we hope.  We might… just might… have DORM ready for the upcoming HORRORHOUND and CINEMA WASTELAND conventions.

Hope this explanation helps you understand exactly what our version of THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD is… now get online and order that sucker right now!  😉

Thanks a bunch!

Don May, Jr.

President, Synapse Films

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