TENEBRAE is coming from Synapse Films on February 26, 2016

UPDATE FROM 2/24/2016

As discussed/posted previously on our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook, the TENEBRAE Steelbooks were delayed slightly from our assembler/replicator. Unfortunately, they were not assembled in a timely manner to help make our original street date (which they knew for months). It was a situation entirely out of Synapse’s control. Jerry and I just spoke with the trucking company that is transporting the TENEBRAE Steelbooks and, as we originally thought, the Steelbooks are set to arrive at some point on Thursday. Assuming the possibly nasty snowstorm predicted for Detroit on Wednesday/Thursday doesn’t really screw things up (Will it delay the trucking company shipment? Can we actually drive the 25 miles to/from our office in the possible snowfall?), we will start mailing out the Steelbooks AS SOON as we get them all checked in. We could get a few out by end of business day Thursday but, realistically, based on the trucking company schedule, we’ll spend all day Friday and all day, every day, of next week getting the them mailed out to customers. Sorry for the delay caused by our replicator, but these things happen from time to time and are out of our control.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Hi All!

Don from Synapse Films here. Just wanted to shoot our website blog a quick note to thank everyone for their patience for the time it took us to bring TENEBRAE to the market. The film’s evolution to the final Steelbook release was a long and frustrating one for sure, but it’s finally coming. There were so many variables in the creation of the project that kept delaying it but we’re finally on our descent to the runaway, ready for landing soon. A bit of the the extra work we had to perform on TENEBRAE is outlined in the liner notes included in the set and we can certainly chat with fans about it at conventions we attend, if you are interested in knowing just how difficult this business can be.

Like our previous DEMONS and DEMONS 2 Steelbook releases, the price of TENEBRAE (even with the additional third CD disc this time) is still $39.95. It’s important to note that, because of the delicate nature of these Steelbooks, they require a bit more handling, packing and tracking than a normal disc (and they are heavier, too) so, like the DEMONS discs, there is a flat $6.00 shipping and handling charge added to these for U.S. residents. I’m sorry Canada, but the postage to ship internationally to your country keeps getting higher and higher. It’s out of our control, so standard international shipping charges still apply to any order we ship to our friends up north.

But, here’s a little tip for those of you in Canada close enough to the Detroit, Michigan border… MANY of our Canadian customers in central Canada actually take road trips to our office in Detroit and buy direct from us. Admittedly, shipping to Canada is really ridiculous (no fault of ours, of course). A package even just a few hours away can run $15 in shipping, and then they can get caught up in very slow customs process. At Synapse, we welcome our friends and fans from all over. We would love to see you, if you want to pop by for a visit to just say “hi” or to buy anything in our catalog. Our office is certainly nothing great (we’re literally a dusty warehouse at the end of a runway at Detroit Metro Airport), but  we do have folks that pop by to buy from us direct. You can meet Jerry Chandler and, if you pop by on a Monday, chances are I’ll be there, too. (I work so much on projects, I’m rarely in the actual office). Just call us first at 734-494-3502, to make sure we’ll be around, if you want to stop by. We are a company of just a few guys, and we don’t always keep regular weekday business hours because both Jerry and myself wear many hats here at Synapse. You can also call our office and buy ANYTHING from our label via phone, if you don’t like typing your info into a website. While our site is secure (as are places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), we understand some people have issues with buying over the internet. So, just give us a call if you like.

By the way, because most people seem to take internet chat as truth and don’t bother asking the source, we still have a few boxes of DEMONS and DEMONS 2 Steelbooks left here in the office. The quantity is almost gone so, if you are interested in them, now is the time to buy. You’d be surprised how many people tell us, “I thought those were sold out!” because they heard they were, and didn’t bother checking with us. Some people have even paid a higher premium on Ebay because of this, when the truth is… we still have a couple boxes laying around for the original retail price. If you want DEMONS or DEMONS 2 Steelbooks, you can still order them from us either by phone or on our site. ALWAYS give us a call if you want info or have questions…

With the launch of TENEBRAE, we will also have a lot of overseas customers  curious on how to order the disc. It is Region 1/A locked, but many of you have players that are region-free. We do not ship outside of North America for our titles. For those of you outside the U.S.A. and Canada, we recommend buying from the fine folks at DiabolikDVD @ www.diabolikdvd.com. They are a company that specializes in GREAT genre titles and are an amazing source for foreign buyers to get our product. Check out their site. They are great fans and friends of Synapse Films and they are a small independent company offering great DVD and Blu-ray titles from all over the world.

And, finally… I must say a little something about our site. We ARE a small company. When we announce something and put it up for purchase, sometimes our website gets bogged down with lag because of many people trying to get their orders in all at the same time. If you try to order TENEBRAE from us, and the site is giving you issues, don’t get discouraged… we are not a huge corporation that can pay for huge servers to deal with site traffic. When we put up something like TENEBRAE for sale exclusively, it’s entirely possible our site may get a little slow. If this happens, of course, you are more than welcome to call us and place your order via phone (Jerry is usually caught up with work and in the office, available for orders after noon eastern time), or wait a bit and try again. Hopefully the site won’t be so bogged down later in the day, or late evening.

At Synapse Films, we love our friends and fans. 2016 brings us to our label’s 20th anniversary. It’s so crazy to think we’ve spent TWO DECADES bringing out cool titles for the fans, but we have. We thank you all for the years we’ve had together! Now, onto the next 20, right?


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