SYNAPSE FILMS Now Distributing Panik House & CasaNegra Product

For anyone who may have missed out on the Panik House and CasaNegra DVDs before these titles went unavailable, we have a nice surprise for you! As of right now, SYNAPSE FILMS is distributing all remaining stock on hand for every Panik House and CasaNegra title. Quantities ARE limited on a few titles, so don’t miss out!

No need to pay those outrageous “out of print” prices on Ebay, etc. anymore. Just head on over to our website and place an order! Still need the hard-to-find SEX & FURY or PINKY VIOLENCE COLLECTION for your collection? We got em… All priced with the same exact retail price they were when originally released.

SYNAPSE/PANIK HOUSE order page: Click Here

SYNAPSE/CASANEGRA order page: Click Here

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