New Synapse Site is Here!

Hello Everyone!

As you can see, the Synapse website has under gone a MASSIVE change in design.  Please forgive us if you run into any weird errors or snafus, as we’re still tweaking and adjusting.  That being said, our shopping cart is fully secure and newly implemented, so feel free to place orders.

Sure, we still have a lot of updating to do (like adding items in the product listings, like Director, Stars, etc.), but we can do that over time.  We just wanted to get this new design up as soon as possible.

Very shortly, we will be abandoning our old Blog at: and moving all new posts right here to this very location (click the BLOG button at the top of the home page).  We want to keep everything centralized so not only can you access the new blog from here, you can also get an RSS feed, join us on Twitter, Cinefile and Facebook (using the icons in the upper right corner of the Home page).

Hope you enjoy the new design. Have to give a big shout out to our new website designer, Chris Bavota.  The man’s a genius and a wiz at this sort of thing.  You can check out what he does at his website:

Thanks so much!

Donald May, Jr. & Jerry Chandler

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