HEADER and ANIMALADA Coming from Synapse Films

Edward Lee’s novella, HEADER, is one of the most shocking things ever written and Synapse Films will be releasing the movie adaptation of the story this June!

From the mind of horror author Edward Lee, comes this horrifying tale of grueling revenge and backwoods terror! Stewart Cummings (Jake Suffian), a government agent playing both sides of the law, finds himself in the nightmarish crossfire of a bloody family vendetta. Forced to delve deep into a series of gruesome murders, Cummings encounters the most twisted method of revenge ever conceived by man: the header. What’s a header? Only redneck Travis Tuckton (Elliot V. Kotek) and his evil “grandpappy” knows for sure… and once YOU learn the shocking answer, you may never be the same. Get ready for the acclaimed horror film that may be the ultimate in violence and gore! HEADER is a film of unrelenting, twisted terror! Extras to be announced.

Coming JUNE 30, 2009. Retail Price: $19.95

ANIMALADA (aka ANIMAL) is, arguably, the most shocking film in the history of Synapse Films. It’s a film about a man… and, ahem, his love for a sheep. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s just as nasty and shocking as you would think, too… especially when others get in the way of him and his lovely sheep partner. More info to come soon, but I guarantee this is one shocking horror film that fits right in with our library of eclectic and strange films.

ANIMALADA streets August 25, 2009 for a retail price of $19.95.

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