Are you ready for some GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR?

Too Much for Amazon! Synapse Films Brings one of 2009’s Most Controversial Documentaries to DVD!



“GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR is sexy and seductive. The images are raw, dirty and poetic… a welt from a whip has never looked so artistic.” – Linnea Covington, New York Press

“This fair-minded glimpse into the pain-glorious performances and behind-the-scenes procedures of the now defunct hardest of the hardcore bondage Web sites is simultaneously titillating and reflective, admiring and critical”. – Kevin Langton, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“If you won’t allow me to teach your children, then I will corrupt them”. – Brent PD Scott, Creator of INSEX.COM.

In 1997, a former professor at Carnegie-Mellon University started a phenomena. The website he created, INSEX.COM, was devoted to bondage, fetish and sadomasochistic scenarios. By the time the site was shut down by the Department of Homeland Security, it had 35,000 members who paid $60.00 per month to view its content.

An often raw and shocking documentary, GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR is a fascinating look at the rise and fall of the world’s most notorious violent porn website and an exploration into the dark mind of its artistic creator, Brent Scott (aka PD). Containing original INSEX.COM behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews with PD, the models, members and staff, this film “almost dares you to watch, assaulting the eyes from its opening frames with violent images of moaning, crying women, bound, tortured and terrorized” (Linda Barnard, THESTAR.COM).
One of the most talked-about films at the 2009 Slamdance Film Festival, GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR explores the world of bondage, sadomasochism and consensual torture in frank, uncompromising terms.

Made by adults for adults, its controversial nature proved too much for’s VOD site, which pulled the film in less than a week – despite the fact that it made their Top 20 sales and rental charts! See for yourself in what the Fantasia Film Festival called, “a subtle and intelligent reflection on the topic.”

DVD Special Features Include:
Deleted Scenes
“More From the Models” – Unused Interview Segments
Interview with co-director Barbara Bell
Theatrical Trailer
Anamorphic widescreen transfer (1.85:1)
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Synapse Films’ Special Edition DVD of GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR will be available for purchase on August 10, 2010 at a retail price of $24.95.

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