Schoolgirl Report #4: What Drives Parents To Despair

Release Date: September 30, 2008

Price: $24.95


This fourth volume of the best-selling SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series ups the ante by including a story with Swedish cult-film starlet Christina Lindberg! Watch a young schoolgirl seduce a schoolteacher to get a passing grade. A perverted man disguises himself as a doctor to give young girls his own type of “check up”. … and more!

In what has to be the most startling sequence yet in a SCHOOLGIRL REPORT film, Christina Lindberg (THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE, MAID IN SWEDEN, ANITA) stars as a young girl who lusts after her own brother and has psychedelic dreams with bloody naked nuns and a firing squad!


– Anamorphic (1.66:1) Transfer of the “International Version” of the Film
– Newly Translated Removable English Subtitles
– Chapter Selections

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