Hello, Synapse friends! Synapse Films is currently in the process of moving from our Romulus, MI location, to our new Southfield, MI location. Please note that if you have ordered anything from our online store on this website, the order may not be filled until after the Thanksgiving holiday (the week of November 26th). Unfortunately, moving from one city to another in Michigan seems to be rather difficult for our Comcast phone/web provider to understand so, as of this writing, our phone numbers have NOT been transferred to the new location yet. We hope to have this resolved very soon, if Comcast can somehow get their act together.

If you need product sooner, you can certainly order our titles from online services such as or the amazing folks at, but please note that any messages to our phones may not be answered until the lines are restored at the new office. Of course, you can still email us at our usual email addresses, and those of you that need to contact our licensing and account representative, Jerry Chandler, can contact him in the usual ways.

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