Release Date: September 29, 2009

Price: $19.95


Three young friends who share an office – Dan, Beem and Big (played by popular Thai boy band D2B) – encounter a spooky old woman who makes grim predictions for their futures. Disturbed by her declarations, each of the men is thereafter confronted by unsettling occurrences. Dan cannot escape a haunting image. Beem meets an attractive young woman who may be dangerously attracted to him. Big faces impossibly strong winds and the appearance of a mysterious boy selling garlands. All these strange events lend credence to the old woman’s words. Are they omens of inevitable doom? Can the friends take any action to change their fates?

Directed by Thammarak Kamuttmanoch and written by Oxide and Danny Pang, Omen is a wild thrill-ride that bends times and space, blasts apart viewers’ expectations and reinvents the possibilities of the otherworldly thriller. You’ve never seen anything like Omen, and you’ll never forget it once you’ve experienced all this extraordinary film has to offer.

Special Features

• The D2B Story: a biography of Thailand’s all time best selling pop group
• D2B Band Member Profiles: supervised by the D2B*4Eva International fan club with pictures and personal information for each member, Dan, Beam and Big.
• Poster and Still Galleries: including Production stills, Promotional Art, and Behind-The-Scenes stills
• Production Notes
• Theatrical Trailers
• A Tribute To Big: a collection of photos and letters from D2B fans and a detailed account of the accident that befell D2B member Big, shortly after Omen was released.
• Optional English and Spanish Subtitles
• Separate Bilingual Menus in English and Spanish
• And More! Play around with the menu navigation to see if you can unlock even deeper secrets to OMEN!

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