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Path of Blood (Blu-ray) - $24.95

AN INCREDIBLE D.I.Y. ANIMATED SAMURAI EPIC SLICES ITS WAY ONTO BLU-RAY FROM SYNAPSE FILMS! One of the most inspired (and inspiring) works of animation in recent...

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Suspiria (DVD) - $29.95

Fresh off an historic theatrical tour and following a sold-out run of limited edition Steelbooks, Synapse Films is finally bringing the widely celebrated 4K restoration...

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Helena [DVD] - $24.95

The lovely Helena heads to the French coastline to meet up with Roy, a man she’s had affairs with in the past. She arrives at...

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A Touch of Sex [DVD] - $24.95

Hired to help launch a new hot rock group called “Tommy and the Penetrations,” Mark (Michael Pataki) finds himself dropped into the opulent drug-filled and...

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SUSPIRIA Preorders and Holiday Break News!

Hello friends of Synapse Films! As you may have noticed, the pre-order for the SUSPIRIA Limited Edition Steelbook has been removed as of today, December 8, 2017, from our website.... read more

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