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Schoolgirl Report v13: “Don’t Forget Love During Sex” [DVD] - $24.95

In this final entry in the German sexploitation “Schoolgirl Report” series, we find a high school theatre troop rehearsing the balcony scene from Shakespeare’s classic, “Romeo & Juliet.” During discussions about the classic story, the director and his students contemplate both love and sex, in five steamy vignettes. This film is notable for starring the stunning Katja Bienert, an actress famous for acting in many Jesus Franco films. In the...

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Momoe’s Lips [DVD] - $19.95

THE PERVERSE WORLD OF THE PAPARAZZI CAN BE ADDICTING AND DEADLY! WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR THE ULTIMATE STORY? Toru, a down and out tabloid reporter is looking for his next “big” story. In order to get paid decent money in the supermarket rag business, you need to find controversy! The elusive “Momoe” is forbidden fruit, so he sets his sights on Miki Yoko, an up and coming young singing...

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A DEMONS and DEMONS 2 Release Update

Hello Everyone, As I have done for the last few years, when products have been slightly delayed (THOU SHALT NOT KILL… EXCEPT & STREET TRASH on BLU), I figured I’d... read more

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